Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area boasts a large real estate offering at very attractive prices for investors

Key figures

  • 256,600 inhabitants in the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area
  • 144,200 homes
  • 128,300 main residences

Market Information

Source: 2017 CecimObs
  • 1211 construction projects begun in the area (+ 114% in one year), half of them in Nancy
  • 90% of them are collective construction projects
  • 367 multi-family housing units sold
  • Average normal VAT price (20%) of €3117 / sq. m for new apartments sold in Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area compared with € 3346 / sq. m in Metz Metropolitan Area and € 3541 / sq. m in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

Last completed operations

  • ZAC Nancy Grand Coeur in Nancy (in progress)
  • ZAC Biancamaria de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (in progress)
  • ZAC de la Haie Cerlin in Seichamps (in progress)
  • ZAC of Bois la Dame in Tomblaine (in progress)
  • ZAC Stanislas Meurthe / Austrasie (currently being completed)
  • Haye Plateau in Nancy / Maxéville (in progress)
  • The banks of Sainte Valdrée in Laneuveville (in progress)
  • Green residences in Pulnoy (currently being completed)
  • Operation on the former Saint-Joseph site in Laxou (currently being completed)