A highly attractive local market and competitive prices

Key figures

  • 86.9% of jobs and 85% of establishments in the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area are in the tertiary sector.
  • 2 sectors dominate: business services (43% of private establishments), and services related to the health sector and administration etc. (80% of public establishments).

The office market in the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area in 2017

Source: CBRE ACT study 2017

A substantial increase in supply, especially with the arrival on the market of new, high-quality buildings.

 - The available offer increased from 45,319 sq. m in 2016 to 64,800 sq. m in 2017.

Demand from small and medium-sized companies is constant in the office market. Demand for large spaces is on the rise, and this trend has been confirmed in 2018.


Rental prices in the Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area

(excl. additional charges)


Rent in € excl. tax/sq. m/year 


100 - 195


90 - 145


60 - 110

Source: CBRE ACTE 2017


Real estate prices in Greater Nancy Metropolitan Area


Price in € excl. tax/sq. m


1 600 – 1 800


1 100 – 1 400


750 – 950

Source: CBRE ACTE 2017

To find out more consult the CBRE ACTE 2017 study

Project underway

- The Austrasian

The construction company Les Constructeurs Réunis has invested in the districts along the banks of the River Meurthe. This 5850 sq. m project is under construction. It will offer offices for rent or sale (divisible) from 100 sq. m. upwards. The building will be delivered during the 3rd quarter of 2018.